How is it?

Something I have been thinking about a lot lately, is how it is possible for people who seem so similar to have such widely different opinions. Friends and colleagues who I have assumed were like-minded, say or do something that makes me stop and go ‘wait . . . what?’. I have been guilty of assuming that because I have something in common with someone that we think the same about everything, but this is just not true. I live life viewing it through the lens of my personal experiences, my up-bringing, my education. Even today is colouring tomorrow. When I look around me I see such divisions in our society, and rather than have civilised debate people throw insults and abuse, and do not even try to understand each other. It is hard when discussing emotive issues to remember that none of us can see the whole picture, and what I can see may bear no resemblance to what the person beside me sees. I may argue that everything is blue and that they’re stupid to believe that everything is green, when in truth if I took the time to look I would realise that while i am gazing at the sky their head is bent and they are staring at the grass. So, with this in my mind I wrote a poem.

How is it as we look on this, I do not see as you
How is it as we look on this, we see a different true
Why is it when our hearts are moved we do not feel the same
Why is it when we rage at this we disagree on blame

Why is it when we look on this hearts breaking at the wrong,
that even as we rail at this we do not get along
We see guilt spring from different roots  and do not understand
That if we are to change this, it must be hand in hand.

Is it then, when we look on this and feel a different rage
the stories of our lives are written on a different page
I do not see as one whose life has not been lived as mine
You do not see through eyes like mine however I opine

Why is it as we look on this I cannot see as you?
Why is it as we look on this, I crave a different true.

4 thoughts on “How is it?

  1. Beautifully put. And can be applied to so many different situations. I immediately thought of relationship breakdown, and then Brexit .

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  2. Esther, you have no idea how much your blog and poem have helped me today, and I’m not even out of bed yet!!!
    God has really spoken to me through this. My daughter and I have been at loggerheads again, but your words of wisdom have pierced through a very dark cloud. Thank you xxx

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