Spring clean

The sun outside is shining brightly in the clear blue sky. A bit of sunshine always boosts my mood, and somehow I feel more awake and enlivened on a sunny day. As I sit here though, I am also aware how the sun shows up all the dust – shining into all the shadows and revealing what had previously been hidden. Catching the dancing specks in the beam of light through the window. Time for a spot of spring cleaning I feel, but not just in the physical sense. It it time to take a look at those things that lurk in the shadows of my conscience. The things that chip away at my confidence and steal my contentment. Things whose prescence I am largely unaware of, even if their effects are felt all too painfully. Time to do what I can to sweep them all out and get rid!


It is time to brush off the cobwebs
To throw wide open the door
It is time to clear out the rubbish
And sweep up the dust from the floor.

As we purge of what is now stagnant
And bid past remains an adieu
We turn from the comforts of winter
And look to beginning anew.

It is time to step out of the darkness
And know we are where we belong
It is time to recapture our freedom
To rise up and sing our new song.

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