I have captured myself in a rainbow 
I have wrapped it around me so tight
I have let all it's power pervade me
And now I am bursting with light.
The out play of infinite colours
Releases the brightest of dreams
A world of outrageous existence
Where nothing is quite what it seems.

I have made me a bed of a raincloud
I have wrapped it around me so tight
I have let all it's tears wash right through me
My stains are now all lily white.
I arise from this absolving slumber
Awash with the joy of new birth
And I run from the heights to the oceans
Stretch my arms out, embracing the earth.

I have swallowed the sound of the thunder.
I have taken it's might for my voice
I have tasted this sonorous morsel
Now all men will hear me rejoice.
For my voice now has power to move mountains
Watch as I sing and they shake
If I bow down my head to your ear
One whisper and how you will quake.

But these powers I now have were not given
I stole them away - not for fun
I wanted to win your affection
For you are my bright shining sun
So I stand now with boldness before you
My splendour displayed for your view
One word, then you turn and I crumble.
I'm no match for the power that is you.

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