I have soared through cerulean skies
Catching my breath on the
peaks of mountains
With the warmth of the day on my face
I have watched the clouds unfurl their stories before my greedy eyes.
I have inclined my ear to the
music of ravenous thunder
My feet have danced to the
beat of the rain.
I have tumbled in the arms of the ocean as it rolled out it’s lofty promises to
dry in the midday sun.
And when skies grew inky cold I set my course by the
whims of the wind
And hung my hopes on the shining stars

In a world that abounds with infinite possibilities
Are my truth.

Beautiful One

Holy Cross Convent

Last year I had the chance to go on a couple of convent retreat days. I was a little apprehensive having never been to a convent, and because I knew I would be expected to spend increasing amounts of time in silence (no phones or other devices allowed). Life today is just so busy and noisy that the idea of spending time in silence just reflecting and being, without actually doing anything is entirely alien. But it proved to be a truly wonderful experience. It took a while to rid my mind of all the daily concerns and just stop it whirring, but as it did I had time to reflect, to breathe. I was fortunate that the weather was good each time I went, and I was able to sit in the grounds and listen to the sounds of nature that are all to often drowned out by daily life. I lay on the grass of the garden and sat pondering on the bench in the picture above. I was also able to speak to and, for the first time in a long while, hear from God. It was a wonderfully refreshing time. I really believe that whatever your religious beliefs, taking time out once in a while to just be silent and still, to step away from the bustle of daily life is of great benefit for your mental health. I was inspired upon my return to write this poem about women in the Bible who encountered Jesus.

Kneel at the crib of the beautiful one
Knowing that you have been blessed.
Watching the saviour of all of this world,
this child, who lies now at rest.

Kneel at the feet of the beautiful one
Washing them clean with your tears
Finally finding the love that you crave
That you have searched for these years

Kneel at the well while the beautiful one
Tells all the things you have done
Offering to serve you the waters of life
Proclaim now that he is the one.

Kneel in your shame while the beautiful one
Asks who will cast the first stone
He knows no-one will be left to condemn
For each of you he will atone.

Kneel by the seat of the beautiful one
Listening to all he will say
Leaving the chores and the tasks to be done
Seizing the joy of this day

Kneel at the cross of the beautiful one
Weeping is all you can do
But take from this moment the promise of hope
Knowing he did this for you.

Kneel at the tomb of the beautiful one
Rejoice as he calls you by name
Knowing this moment the world has been changed
Never will life be the same.


I have captured myself in a rainbow 
I have wrapped it around me so tight
I have let all it's power pervade me
And now I am bursting with light.
The out play of infinite colours
Releases the brightest of dreams
A world of outrageous existence
Where nothing is quite what it seems.

I have made me a bed of a raincloud
I have wrapped it around me so tight
I have let all it's tears wash right through me
My stains are now all lily white.
I arise from this absolving slumber
Awash with the joy of new birth
And I run from the heights to the oceans
Stretch my arms out, embracing the earth.

I have swallowed the sound of the thunder.
I have taken it's might for my voice
I have tasted this sonorous morsel
Now all men will hear me rejoice.
For my voice now has power to move mountains
Watch as I sing and they shake
If I bow down my head to your ear
One whisper and how you will quake.

But these powers I now have were not given
I stole them away - not for fun
I wanted to win your affection
For you are my bright shining sun
So I stand now with boldness before you
My splendour displayed for your view
One word, then you turn and I crumble.
I'm no match for the power that is you.